HOA Management Innovation on a Foundation of Experience

At Bali Management in Torrance, CA we offer programs that are adaptable to the needs of the organization, in addition to services that are personalized to your needs. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust us to manage your association’s needs with utmost care.

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HOA Management Services

We manage your HOA efficiently and effectively. Always striving to provide exceptional service.

Our Services

Discover the Difference Experience Makes in HOA Management

HOA Maintenance

Maintaining your HOA is the primary directive of the Board of Directors. Prior to bidding, Bali Management Group can assist with the specification development and will meet with prospective vendors.

HOA Administration

We keep your association records properly filed and available for inspection, provide human resource services if needed, and prepare an organized management report package to each Board Meeting.

Executive HOA Reporting

Though it is important that your Board of Directors is transparent in its actions, there are certain items that require discretion for the protection of your Association. Confidential correspondence remains confidential.

HOA Reporting

As an aspect of communications, reporting is the manner in which Bali Management Group keeps the Board informed of maintenance, administration, and executive work that is completed, in progress, and under consideration.

HOA Accounting Services

Here at Bali Management Group, our Accounting Department prepares a full accrual financial statement each month, with bank reconciliation on all accounts, and meets with your CPA to facilitate your annual review or audit.

Why Choose Bali Management in Torrance, CA For Your HOA Management

Fiscal Reporting

Foundation of easy-to-understand comprehensive fiscal reporting supplemented by expert budget preparation, reserve study integration and special financial documentation.

24 Hour Service

Homeowners can reach our Customer Service Department 24 hours per day, utilizing our telephone answering exchange.

Flexible Programs

Our management programs are flexible to meet your Association’s requirements. Services tailored to meet your expectations.

Record Keeping

Innovation in special reporting and record keeping provides excellent monitoring of homeowner communications, property inspections, delinquent account collection solutions, manager activity, and much more.