HOA Reporting

What Is HOA Reporting?

As an aspect of communications, reporting is the manner in which Bali Management Group keeps the Board informed of maintenance, administration, and executive work that is completed, in progress, and under consideration.

Your Board Meeting Package begins with a detailed agenda to meet current Civil Code Requirements and provides a guide for meeting efficiency. The package includes:

A current financial statement

A maintenance report

An administration report

Committee reports



Information items

& a special executive report

After your meeting, Bali can prepare the Minutes of the meeting within 30 days, in accordance with the law. Bali also has the resources to prepare special financial reports and analysis and schedule and prepare a historical analysis of maintenance, financial or administrative items.
At Bali Management, we recognize that an integral part of homeowner satisfaction is good communication.
As the interface between the individual owners and the Board of Directors, it is critical that telephone calls are taken or promptly returned, vendors be coordinated for service requests in a timely manner, homeowners have access to staff and manager to answer questions regarding their account or their association, and that communications are documented for Board review.

To that end, a journal of telephone calls is provided to the Board in their meeting package and our managers are adept in utilizing and reporting e-communications.

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