HOA Maintenance

Maintaining your HOA is the primary directive of the Board of Directors. Prior to bidding, Bali Management Group can assist with the specification development and will meet with prospective vendors.

At Bali Management Group, we not only solicit proposals for the Board’s consideration, but also put those proposals in a comprehensible comparison format, so that the Board is able to make an informed decision regarding the work. In addition, Bali responds to homeowner service requests and generally supervises your contract service providers.

24-Hour Emergency HOA Maintenance Services

Our 24-hour emergency service is an important feature of our maintenance services. You can contact us anytime, and reach one of our experienced property managers, to handle after-hours maintenance emergencies.
At Bali Management Group, we recognize that an integral part of homeowner satisfaction is good communication.

As the interface between the individual owners and the Board of Directors, it is critical that telephone calls are taken or promptly returned, vendors be coordinated for service requests in a timely manner, homeowners have access to staff and manager to answer questions regarding their account or their association, and that communications are documented for Board review.

To that end, a journal of telephone calls is provided to the Board in their meeting package and our managers are adept in utilizing and reporting e-communications.

Visit the Contact Us page for information regarding how to reach us via telephone, e-mail or mail.