HOA Accounting Services

What can our HOA Accounting Department do for you?

Here at Bali Management Group, our Accounting Department prepares a full accrual financial statement each month, with bank reconciliation on all accounts, and meets with your CPA to facilitate your annual review or audit.

Bali’s Accounting Department works with your HOA property manager to provide budget analysis and drafting and can prepare your reserve study or coordinate its implementation if prepared by a third party. H3

The collection of delinquent assessments is vital to the health of your Association. Bali will assist you in developing an effective Collection Policy, and ensure that the policy is distributed and enforced in accordance with California Law.

Bali prepares all correspondence up to a Notice of Default and will monitor any home in foreclosure or homeowner in bankruptcy. If your Association chooses to pursue legal action in Small Claims Court, Bali’s Collection Department will see the matter through the hearing and will pursue a post-judgment collection of monies owed.

At Bali Management Group, we recognize that an integral part of homeowner satisfaction is good communication.
As the interface between the individual owners and the Board of Directors, it is critical that telephone calls are taken or promptly returned, vendors be coordinated for service requests in a timely manner, homeowners have access to staff and manager to answer questions regarding their account or their association, and that communications are documented for Board review.

To that end, a journal of telephone calls is provided to the Board in their meeting package and our managers are adept in utilizing and reporting e-communications.

Visit the Contact Us page for information regarding how to reach us via telephone, e-mail or mail.